I help growing business gain a wide online presence through animated explainer and promotional videos with a deeply rooted design background.


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Here's a testimonial:

We run a high-end creative film studio in Yellowknife and are always on the look out for the best talent we can find for any given project. We choose to only work with the best and the brightest that we can get our hands on here in the North and everywhere for that matter. I know that sounds snobby but we don’t care. We care more about making things great, delivering well-told stories and making projects that we would personally want to watch. Specifically, though a person’s talent isn’t really at the top of the list of things we are looking for, we are primarily concerned with someones ability to deliver, deliver it on time and on budget, and to just generally be a good person. These are paramount for us here at Artless Collective. Patrick Doody ticked all those boxes for us and brought a serious level of talent to boot to several of our projects. We’ve got Patrick’s number and we look forward to calling it when we need to raise the creative bar on any of our future projects.
— Jay Bulkaert

Here's what I want to offer.

I understand the anxiety business owners have surrounding their online presence. If you don't feel left out, maybe you feel like you just don't stand out. 

On top of that, video and animation just may not seem to be your "thing". There's no shortage of animators, designers, and artists out there, but you may not want to let them in. You might fear they'd destroy the authenticity of your own business which you've poured your entire soul and personality into. 

Besides, who has the time for this stuff? A real online voice may seem more like a luxury rather than a necessity when you're busy putting out fires all day in your business.

I promise you, these are all things I can take care of. 

My background in both design and in animation give me the tools to fix these problems. I've worked with the equipment and software to understand it as a professional. I've learned, under deep scrutiny from my instructors from the schools I've attended:

How compliment and elevate a brand like it's the most important thing in the world.

Create professional level animated storytelling.

Express a creative idea from beginning to execution.


Here's another testimonial:

Patrick’s ability to crate multiple styles of animation fairly quickly was a huge asset to my feature length documentary. We wanted a retro style and Patrick knocked it out of the park. He help us add extreme visual value to the project with out costing an arm and a leg. But the proof is on the screen, as one of my most asked questions when viewers screened my film was “Who did your animation? I love it”
— Mikey McBryan, Director of Pixelated Heroes and Star of Ice Pilots

But why animation? 

It may seem like a mundane difference, but there are several reasons why animation is often a better choice than real life video.

Jamie Turner, internationally known CEO of 60 Second Marketer, outlines his view here

To summarize:

Animation is visual marketing at its best.

Animation delivers a message quickly.

Animation is easy to digest.

Animation is easy to work with technically.

Animation is cost effective (and usually cheaper than live video!)

Let's not forget the big moves tech companies made to push video into their platforms. 

Mark Zuckerberg said: "if you look in the future a lot of the content that people share will be video". This move went in line with the big tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter making video king in 2015. It's clear that if you want to sell yourself digitally, you're probably going to want to integrate video into your online presence. 

So don't get left behind! I'd be super excited to work with you as much (or as little) as necessary to spread your voice online and to give your business the voice it deserves!

Here's one last testimonial:


Working with Patrick was a great experience. He would prepare many different and creative sketches to ensure our vision was captured perfectly. He was prompt, exceeded timelines and delivered expert material for our organizations. He is experienced working with large groups who provided countless revisions and feedback all which were accounted for and delivered seamlessly.
— Melanie Fuller, former Chair of Edmonton Primary Care Networks